Silver is considered as a “miracle metal” that enjoys patronage all over the globe. Because of its good electrical conductivity, thermal resistance, reflectivity and luster, it is hailed as the planet’s most useful commodity that is beyond comparison. Though primarily used for making jewellery items and artifacts, silver also finds an important place in more than hundreds of medical and industrial applications in the form of compact yet long-lasting batteries in hearing aids, TV cameras and space satellites apart from its use as contacts, fuses, switches and the likes. It has also been in use for tooth fillings, surgical drainage tubes, purification of water, as wires and thin plates. Many countries even use silver as their bullion increasing it value manifolds.

We at Sram bullion mining and energy have a good understanding for the demand for this wonder metal and hence are adopting various means and measures to meet the global demand through sensible mining of a lead ore called Galena from our mines situated in Indonesia, Thailand, Korea and other fast east countries. Due our proximity to some of the world’s silver jewellery destinations such as Bangkok, India, China and Indonesia our clients enjoy various benefits including easy and quick accessibility, storage, clearance, price and material handling.

We have been smelting silver for decades and have established a strong distribution network across Europe and Asia and are well known for our superior quality silver in almost all of SAARC and ASEAN countries. Our Exclusive distributor M/s. Mahendra Exports has been a jewel in the crown honouring all our commitments to our clients with their customer oriented approach, focus and devotion to business. In addition to this we now intend to make our mark felt in Europe through our London office and in America through our offices in Delaware.